Retirement Income

Where do I get started for planning my retirement?

The rules of the retirement planning game are changing rapidly today. You need trusted professionals who focus on solving potential financial and legal problems.

How do I know if my advisor has my best interests in mind?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It's a common and scary trend today to hear retirees who have made poor decesions based on "buying into great opportunities".

Where should I put my retirement savings?

It's different for everyone. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what your goals are. With that in mind, it's important to know that you can't have everything. Typically, you have to choose between two of the following:

Safety ?
Income ?
Growth ?
Liquidity ?

Is Your Retirement Savings Protected?

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What You Need To Know About Retirement Income Planning

Traditionally, financial planning has been focused on rate of return, risk and reward analysis and ultimately, setting up a suitable plan geared toward achieving the client’s goals. However, as one moves into retirement, there should be a fundamental shift from the stage of accumulating assets and taking higher risks for higher returns to that of protecting one’s assets. The foundation for setting up a safe and secure retirement plan is making sure your goals for retirement won’t be derailed by a volatile stock market or unforeseen long-term care expenses.

Let’s Start by Planning “Smart”

Our approach to retirement is all about problem-solving and helping individuals achieve the peace of mind and quality of life they desire in retirement. During our first meeting, one of our main objectives is to help define and clarify the goals each individual has for their retirement as they move forward.

  • What do they want out of retirement?
  • What do they want their retirement assets to do for them?
  • How much income will they need to live the kind of life they desire?
  • How much risk do they want to take with their investments?

We have found that many of the goals for retirees are similar in nature, however we have also found that most people have specific hopes and dreams they want to achieve in their golden years. That is why it is critical to set up a Personal Retirement Income Plan (PRIP) designed specifically for them.

Custom-Fit Solutions

Old style planning has always been about being patient and holding on and then hopefully the benefits are realized in an undetermined time period. I’m sure you’ve heard from your broker (or another advisor) through these past years of turmoil: “Just hold on, it’ll come back!” (by the way, the next time someone tells you this, ask them how long it’s going to take?). Our approach is much different. The time period is known, the results are measurable, and the benefits are 100% defined

Most planning in America today is very much “off the shelf” process. Not here. Our clients bring in financial concerns as different and unique as each of their own fingerprints. No two situations are ever the same, therefore our process is geared toward finding a custom-fit solution to solving our clients’ most pressing problems. This is obviously very different from the traditional, old style planning of “buy and hold” and hope the market gets you where you want to be. We help our clients find the solutions they need to move toward the goals they have always dreamed of, with an outcome that provides a sense of comfort for the individual and their family.

Finding The Solution

This approach may include a variety of things such as: tax and distribution planning for retirement accounts; setting up a secure retirement income stream you can’t outlive; protecting assets from the typical risk associated with investing; the devastating cost of unforeseen long-term care expenses; insurance planning and/or making sure you have the right legal documents in place for proper estate planning. Often these problems have been a concern to them for many years, or something may have changed in their life which now creates a worry about their future or the future of their loved ones.

Why is a Retirement Weather Report So Much Better?

One of our clients said it best when they said “it’s like cleaning out the junk closet in the house for the first time in 40 years, and finally getting everything straightened out and put in place.” What was meant by that is our planning process organizes your legal, financial and asset protection planning, rather than just accumulating a “junk closet” of financial and legal stuff over time with no meaningful analysis of how each affects the others. A Retirement Weather Report is about coordination and focusing on goals -- your goals! Typically the best solutions include a combination of legal and financial techniques to deliver the best results.