Estate & Legacy

Are my legal documents up to date?

If you don't implement effective legal documents that are up to date, then all of your retirement planning you have done could go to waste. Estate and legacy planning can be one of the most critical steps in your retirement plan.

How do revocable living trusts work?

A revocable living trust avoids the probate system and allows assets from an estate to be passed onto the heirs without governement involvement. Through a revocable living trust, you can dictate how your assets can be passed to children or other beneficiaries.

What are some additional benefits of having a trust?

By having a trust, your estate can remain private. No one knows the estate assets other than those who are beneficiaries, along with the trustee(s) of the trust. A properly funded trust stays out of the probate process and as such, it does not become part of the public record.

Avoiding Probate
Tax Exemption

Do You Need Help With Your Estate Planning?

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