Asset Management

Am I gambling with my assets in the stock market?

With the stock market today, there's really no rhyme or reason to how it performs. The so-called pros say there is, but do they really know from one day to the next what the market is going to do? Definitely not.

How can I protect my assets from the volatility of the market?

The key to protect your assets is setting up a predictable and consistent income stream from a secure source. The trick is ensuring the source is indeed secure.

What is a secure source of income?

We are becoming a "pension-less" society in America. We are going to have to be more self-reliant in the future in regards to securing a predictable retirement income stream.

Social Security ?
Dividends ?
Interest ?
Pensions ?

Are Your Assets Being Managed Properly?

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What You Need To Know About Asset Management

Why am I writing about this and asking you to pay close attention? Because today, people over the age of 55 face economic conditions much different than previous American retirees. The media attempts to make parallels to past decades, but our current situation is different -- much different.

Important Facts About Investment Risk

I want to make sure that I explain to retirees (and those soon to be retired) important facts like the true impact of investment risk. I want to be sure that retirees understand the return needed after a loss just to get back to even. This math is simple and important to understand. As we age, the amount of time required to recapture our losses and the large gains needed become very difficult. It may take years of gains just to get back to where we started.

There are retirees who fear being embarrassed by their lack of investment knowledge. You worked, you saved, you raised your family, you sacrificed and went without to accumulate the money you now have for your retirement and eventually for your family. Please have the courage to do something positive about it.

Getting The Right Financial Advisor

Possibly because of their lack of investment knowledge, many retirees blindly trust an advisor. The question is, do you truly have an advisor to guide you through the turbulent times, or do you fear you are in the hands of a financial salesperson with motives tied to his or her own best interests rather than yours?

I don't meant to sound like an alarmist. Nor do I want to profess that I possess all the answers (no one does). However, I've been convinced that encouraging you (and others) is a worthy cause. After working with retirees for over 30 years, I've come to realize the importance of explaining the truth about how the money system in our country really works. My hope is that you can find the courage to take action.

This proess needs to be all about you, your life (with your family), and a sense of security. And it's about a terrific team of people eager to assist you -- eager to serve you and provide options which are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.

The Solution

Our process is about discovering our clients' hopes and dreams for retirement. It is about bringing added value to retirement portfolios and developing stable and secure income streams that cannot be out lived. I like to refer to our process as the "S.W.A.N" approach to retirement. We want our clients to Sleep Well At Night.

Don't Be Pressured To Make A Decision

Depending on the issues we identify, we have solutions available to help. The reassurance we offer you is that our experience has allowed us to help others in similar situations with positive results. I personally guarantee that you will never be pressured to making a decision. Our success is based on two simple key elements: trust and goodwill.

We Are Here For You

We want people in our community to know we are here for them. After they meet with us, we want them to tell their family, friends, and neighbors how well they were treated and how thorough our review process and planning truly is.

It takes courage to face things like volatile markets, long-term care concerns, and rising costs of health care and living expenses. It might seem easier to ignore it, deny it, just hold on, or to tough it out and see where it all goes. But I honestly believe you and your family deserve better. If you are concerned, unsure, unhappy, or losing sleep about what your money, your retirement and your financial future will be, then do something about it. Pick up the phone and call us at 949.356.5200.